All Wellness Workshops are $30

upcoming workshops

6/23 @11:30 am

eldoa workshop

ELDOA’s are specific postures to help stretch and strengthen your joints. In english ELDOA stands for Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretches (LOADS).

n/a - Nourish Workshop

This workshop is designed to help us uncover the traps of dieting and emotional eating to discover nutrition as nourishment/self-love for your mind, body, and ultimately your spirt. Topics in this workshop include the shift from dieting to mindful eating, meal planning vs self care, and foods that promote wellbeing and positive emotions. All participants leave with a 5 day Eating for Happiness meal plan, recipe guide, and meal prep guide.

n/a - open your heart yoga

This workshop is designed to open the upper back, chest, and heart. Creating space across the front of the body and working with the space in between the shoulder blades, we will actively counter act our evertyday sitting posture. On a more subtle level, we will work towards allowing ourselves to feel honest about who we are and our vulnerabilities, and responding to everything with kindness. This workshop mainly focuses mainly on posture practices but will also include a short meditation to finish.

n/a - Love your feet

Struggling with pain in the foot, knee, hip, or back? Learn and feel the deep connection between the foot and core via the deep front fascia line. Gaining a understanding of the role of the gait and the fascia that literally wraps head to toe can help stretch, strengthen, and heal common dysfunctions in the body. Clients will leave with a new toolbox of effective exercises to regain balance, strength, and proper gait mechanics.